Licensed Child Care and Covid-19

Childcare is still needed. Covid-19 has brought life to a standstill, and we must move forward in a safe and an unbiased way. Children still need to be educated and socialized. Parents still need to work.

Licensed home based daycares offer the best solution for educational continuity. Home based daycares already work in small group sizes (group size varies by the Covid-19 county limit), and often have windows and backyards to create safer learning environments. Licensed home based daycares are fingerprinted and background checked, follow local county and licensing guidelines for Covid-19.

Home based daycares also offer the most affordable childcare solution, the hourly cost often being less than what a babysitter or nanny would charge. Licensed providers are already educators, they are required to have a CPR certification, and many even take Emergency Medical Service training. So why are parents not flocking to these facilities?

Covid-19 has rendered daycares empty, despite being open as essential workers, many providers find their businesses struggling, and the media is to thank for all of this. The childcare industry was already struggling, thanks to negative and sensationalized media coverage of accusations against providers. A few such examples are laid out here:

An infant passed away in childcare while sleeping, needless to say charges were filed against the provider. The media did their part and reported on the “accusation.” It was found out the provider had no fault and the child unfortunately passed away from natural causes. The charges were dropped, the media did not cover this. The parent still sued the daycare, which is a business and not a government entity. The provider who has already suffered a complete loss of business due to the negative media coverage is forced to shut down. The media reports that a “daycare” operator was found to have children locked in cages and was under the influence of alcohol when police showed up. What they failed to distinguish upfront was that this was NOT a licensed in-home daycare. Oftentimes the media ropes all home based childcare under the daycare umbrella. There are legally licensed daycares, and then there are those who operate without a license. Legally licensed daycares have unscheduled visits from licensing, mandatory training, and accountability with both the state and it’s licensing agency.

The media fails to report on all the child care providers out there who are responsible for raising the youth of America. Majority of care in America goes through a licensed facility. Early education is that step ahead in life that a child gets, to better prepare them for tomorrow. Compassion, sharing, caring, self-soothing, confidence, right-wrong, making friends, listening, respect, these are just some of the things that children learn beyond their ABC’s in a daycare.

Being a childcare provider is a thankless job. A daycare is a business licensed by the state, and the state does not tell a provider how to run their overall day to day business. Parents often don’t pay for services, if they refuse to work with someone they receive negative reviews, and if childhood accidents occur they get sued. Lets see an example here:

A child of affluent parents fell off monkey bars and broke her arm. The parents were aware that there were monkey bars at the facility, and that the children played on them. The child was fine overall, aside from the broken bone, the parents sued the daycare anyways. The daycare could not afford to respond to the lawsuit and shutdown.

Fear of negative reviews and frivolous lawsuits have caused providers to become doormats for parents, but more than that it has stunted childhood for children. Too many parents sue when we allow kids to be kids, they fall, they get owies, they experience childhood; however, that is no longer allowed due to lawsuits, daycares are becoming harder and harder to insure by insurance companies. Parents sue over things that if they happened in their own care they would not be found negligent, but because the daycare is a business, the parent finds it easier to sue them versus a school or a babysitter.

Licensed facilities do amazing things, children who attend early childhood education tend to earn more degrees, are less likely to drop-out of school, less likely to become a teenage parent, and less likely to go to jail. Daycares are responsible for so much success also. Many speak about that great college they went to, but what about that daycare where you learned how to make friends, eat with a spoon, write your first letter, got your first time-out? The basic building blocks of life that shaped us started with early childhood experiences, and daycares are responsible for millions of them.

Daycares are the solution to moving forward with distance learning, if only parents could get past the fear of home-based daycares created by the media. Daycares are going to extraordinary steps to prevent against Covid-19, many are even offering flexible part-time schedules at hourly prices to meet parents' needs.

We can move forward, home based daycares can be found in every town in America. We can help parents, we can help children, we can help daycares, we can curb the spread of Covid-19. See what your local daycare has to offer, and what they are doing to prevent against Covid-19 at ____________________________________________________________________________

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Are unemployment benefits or lack of affordable child care options keeping parents home?

As things open back up, employers are struggling to fill positions. Is this because people don’t want to come off unemployment benefits or because parents are unable to find child care that fits? 


Tens of thousands of child care facilities across the country have shut down due to the pandemic. Covid-19 rendered most child care facilities empty. Unlike schools, licensed child care facilities are business entities, either operating from a provider’s home or from a commercial center. Licensed child care providers are considered essential workers; however, most parents no longer needed child care services as they were either laid off or got to work from home. Most facilities were not able to offer online programs, with their younger children, and had no means of staying afloat. 

Those providers who did manage to weather the Covid storm, have spots open now, but most parents are not looking for full-time child care. Parents who are working from home or in a hybrid model, don’t need or want to pay $300-$400 a week for full-time care. Licensed child care providers have traditionally offered weekly contracted care for standard work hours to accommodate parents, Covid has changed everything. Parents only need a few days of care a week or a few hours a day. As more and more companies adopt post pandemic policies to include the hybrid work week model, the demand for part-time child care will spike. This means 1 weekly spot could be split-up between multiple children, allowing child care facilities to accommodate more children at their facilities for a higher daily or hourly rate then they would normally charge. 

Parents will flock to child care facilities that are offering part-time, daily, and hourly schedules. The Daycare Owl platform allows child care facilities to segment their time into hourly, daily, part-time, and full-time spots. Economy of scale keeps hourly rates low on the platform. In the San Francisco, CA area, (where child care rates average $25/hr) the average hourly rate at licensed daycares on Daycare Owl was below $10/hr.

Businesses are struggling to bring employees back. Unemployment benefits, coupled with the child care credit, no overhead cost of child care, and more time with their families, why would parents be in a rush to go back to work? Unemployment benefits will run out, the future of the child care credit is unknown. Take advantage of it now. $300 a week may not be enough for a full-time contracted child care, but it is enough for a few hours of care a week or a few days of care a week. 

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The Daycare Owl platform allows licensed facilities to segment their weekly spots into recurring part-time, daily, or hourly spots. Parents use Daycare Owl search and book full-time and flexible care. Daycare Owl is free to register for licensed facilities. Daycare Owl is free for parents to register, search, favorite and contact child care facilities.

Providers set their own prices on Daycare Owl, they can accept, deny, or cancel any reservation. Parents pay providers via stripe when booking through the Daycare Owl platform. Stripe fees are paid by parents.

Providers can also sell add-on services such as date-nights, overnight care, weekend care and more. Daycare Owl’s secure payment gateway is powered by Stripe. Providers will never miss a payment or write a receipt. Providers keep 100% of what they make. 

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