Welcome to the Child Care Revolution

Providers earn more, parents save, kids win


Licensed daycares can now sell their open spots as daily, hourly, weekly spots and more. The Daycare Owl platform allows daycares to segment their weekly spots into recurring or drop-in, daily or hourly spots. Providers can also sell add-on services such as date-nights, overnight care, weekend care and more.


The average cost for child care is $800 a month, that’s $5 per hour. Licensed daycares are the most affordable form of paid child care. Before Daycare Owl most daycares only offered contracted care on a weekly basis. These daycares can now split their rates into hourly and allow parents to pick up just the time they need. Daycares earn more, parents save, kids win.


Daycare Owl’s secure payment gateway is powered by Stripe. Providers will never miss a payment or write a receipt. Providers keep 100% of what they make. Daycare Owl fees are paid by parents. Parents have one week prior to a reservation to cancel, after which a 50% fee is paid out to the daycare. Provider sets prices and can accept, deny, or cancel any reservation.

Covid-19 and Child Care

Find the daycare that’s right for you. We are helping daycares find like minded consumers to help curb the spread of Covid-19. Daycare Owl allows daycares to list their Covid-19 policies in their profiles, and parents can also filter by specifics that are important to them in our amenities feature. Home based already have small group sizes, and we are providing them tools and know how to create small community based teaching pods that are the right fit for parents with children of all ages, just search by age group and distance learning filter. There is a daycare that is right for you.

We work with Daycares

We get you providers. Daycare Owl was created by a small family licensed child care provider, and we understand the issues you face. From no payment, no shows, bounced checks, and undeserved bad reviews, these are all the big things we have thought about when we built this platform for you. We also thought about the necessary things, payment protection, automated receipts, and keeping your daycare booked. Daycare Owl brings professionalism, automation, and more business to your daycare. We also bring community and consistency to the daycare industry. We not only serve daycares, we advocate for their rights and respect. Join the conversation on our Facebook group, your opinion matters.

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